Electris is a logical game, partially based on original Tetris principles, but adding much new to them. In the first place, you can connect not only left and right side horizontally, but even in various directions, or whatever side with the floor, if the charge of the given part of the floor is suitable. But not to foreran: The playfield is made by the standard three surfaces, known from Tetris. There is no ceiling too. But the others aren't bare; positively or negatively charged conductors, distincted by colors, come out of them. Out of the left wall come negative blue conductors, out of the other one come positive red ones. The floor is covered with both of them, taking turns. The aim is to eliminate as many blocks, falling down out of the sky in groups, as possible. Each group of blocks contains a system of conductors. If the player manages to conduct a positively charged conductor and a negatively charged one, the blocks through which flows the currency, can't bear the pressure and break apart. Some special blocks contain e.g. a lightbulb, which gives different bonuses to the player upon conducting, or a capacitor, which takes a few conducts to get destroyed.

The latest release
18.07.2016 17:55 - http://electris.nf-soft.cz/bin/Electris_v1.10.exe (4.2 MiB )



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